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Trailer Mounted Spray Units

The Co-Op supplies parts and quality knowledgable backup for many sprayers like Silvan turbomiser, Supaflo, Oktopus & Stiletto orchard & vineyard Overrow sprayers.

If you're thinking about a new sprayer and want to know whats best for your application get in contact. also check out our Blogs and buying guides fo recent information on whats new out there.

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Silvan Lightfoot 300L boom Sprayer with Reel

300 litre Lightfoot Sprayer With 4m Spray Boom & 15m Hose reel

Versatile sprayer with low ground pressure floatation tyres. These complete trailed ATV-UTV sprayers come utilise Genuine Honda engine driven Silvan - Comet pumps for high performance spot spray and boom spray applications. 4m Cross fold Spray boom with air induction nozzles for drift reduction. Easy boom On/Off with electric solenoid (max operation to 150psi) for operation from vehicle. Retractable 15m hosereel with Atomiser+ spraygun.


  • Honda GX120 engine
  • Honda Engine driven Silvan MC20/20 ~ 18L/min @ 20Bar(290PSI)
  • Inline filtration
  • Large Mud Puppy tyres for extra stability
  • 50mm tow ball hitch and fold stand
  • Vertical boom channel for fitment of accessories


  • Tank Size (L):  300
  • Pump Capacity (L/MIN):  18
  • Engine: Honda GX120
  • Max Pressure:  20 Bar/290psi


$6,349.00 *
Product data sheet
Ships within 5 working days
Delivery weight: 120 kg

Silvan 300L Lightfoot Vine Sprayer


300 Litre Motorised Lightfoot Vine Sprayer with large mud puppy tyres for extra stability and an adjustable boom height width and spray bar angle. An ideal size for small vineyards etc. & where minimum weight ground impact is required, easily towed by ATV & Utility farm vehicles or mii tractors.


  • Honda GX120 Engine coupled to a MC20/20 pump
  • Max 18.5L/min open flow and 20 Bar/290psi pressure
  • Adjustable boom height, width and spray bar angle
  • An ideal unit for small horticultural growers
  • 5 adjustable nozzles each side that produce a fine mist or can be individually shut off

Optional in cab electric controls:

  • Master on/off switch - Left and right on/off
$5,349.00 *
Product data sheet
Ships within 5 working days
Delivery weight: 120 kg
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