The Co-Op Cheap sprayer parts and accessories for boom sprayers, orchard & vineyard sprayers, Shurflo, Silvan, spray booms and air induction nozzles, From time to time we also have used farm machinery & Sprayers.

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Spot Spraygun Heavy duty Gun

Heavy duty spray pistol, all metal construction - Stainless steel, Brass & Aluminium.

High Pressure long range spraygun, ideal for rough conditions where other Sprayguns made from Plastics might fail from damage, suitable for operating with Diaphragm pumps and 12v pumps with 1/2" BSP Male hose swivel to eliminate twists and kinked hose.

Made from Brass, Aluminium & has Teflon seals
Compact length 180mm
Effective twist barrel adjustable spray pattern
Fog to Jet (up to 12m) Spray 
Long lasting reliable operation,
High Pressure up to 800 psi (55 bar/5500 kpa)
1/2" BSP swivel male thread 


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Hardi Conversion cap to Lechler ID3 Jets

Hardi Conversion Cap to suit Lechler ID, ID3 series Spray Nozzles

Suits Nozzles with a shoulder width of 10mm

Ecomnomical conversion away from Hardi Spray tips.

Available is white.


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Non Drip Brass flip over nozzle

Brass Braglia Orchard sprayer Flip over nozzle holder with Non Drip Valve

For agriculture use on airblast sprayers. Very compact. rollover to select spray tips with two shut off positions. Two “OPEN” positions at ±15° from vertical. A click point out each position. Check valve with efficient and long lasting operations at low and high pressures.

Pressure bar
Weight Kg


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