Nozzle Caps

Nozzle Caps

Color coded nozzle caps, Retro fit conversion Nozzle caps allow TeeJet and Lechler nozzles to be used with all major sprayer brands including Hardi Sprayers.

The Co-Op has a comprehensive range of Nozzle Caps for fan, Air induction and Cone type spray tips. we stock bulk numbers of most caps ready for fast dispatch to direct to you.

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TeeJet Nozzle Caps various ISO colors suit Various nozzle types nozzles

TeeJet nozzle Color coded QR caps.

TeeJet boom spray nozzle caps are ISO Colour coded for easy reference and are supplied with nozzle cap gaskets to ensure 'good as new fit'.

Caps fit TeeJet QR Nozzle holders, Arag QR Nozzle Holders, Silvan, Goldacres, BA Sprayers and many other brands but not Hardi.


Ordering steps

  1. select cap ISO color.
  2. add quantity being ordered
  3. Place order

These Caps Fit the following Teejet Nozzles

  • TP Flat Fan
  • XR Flat Fan
  • AIXR Flat Fan
  • Turbo TwinJet Flat Fan
  • Turbo TeeJet Flat Fan
  • OC (Off Centre) 
  • DG Drift Gaurd Flat Fan


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Hypro Boom X Tender XT Spray nozzles

Eliminate the need for a spraying boom with the durable boomless nozzle that provides efficient spray.
Ideal for applications where a conventional boom cannot be used due to obstacles, such as power poles, fences, trees, etc.
Common uses include orchard, vineyard, forestry, pasture, turf and golf course spraying, as well as maintaining fence lines

  • Designed for herbicide or fertiliser application
  • Coarse droplet size, excellent low drift option while extending spray reach
  • Maintains a consistent and adjustable spray swath over a pressure range of 30-60 PSI
  • Includes quick connect cap and gasket for easy handling
  • Excellent durability and low maintenance
  • Also available as a spray kit

2 Bar(30psi)  

  Pressure Litres/Min Spray width (m) Application Rate /Nozzle
XT010 2 Bar(30psi) 3.2 3.7 83 62 41 31
XT020 6.4 4.8 4.8 134 101 67 50
XT024 2 Bar(30psi) 7.7 4.9 158 118 79 59


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Hardi conversion TeeJet Q.R. Caps & Gaskets

Hardi conversion TeeJet Q.R. Cap with Gasket/washer in various colors

Suitable for many Teejet spray tips, can also be used with Albuz nozzles

Designed to fit TeeJet spray tips onto Hardi Quick Release nozzle bodies supplied with Gaskets to suit

Caps are supplied with nozzle gaskets to ensure 'good as new fit'.

Caps fit Hardi Nozzle holders.

Ordering steps

  1. select cap color
  2. add quantity being ordered
  3. Place order

These Caps Fit the following Teejet Nozzles to Hardi Nozzle Holders

  • TP Fan
  • XR Fan
  • AIXR Fan
  • Turbo TwinJet
  • Turbo TeeJet
  • OC (Off Centre)
  • DG Drift Gaurd

Also Fit  Lurmark, Lechler Fan Nozzles

Feel free to ask if these will fit you nozzles if you're not sure.

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Delivery weight: 20 g

Lechler ~ Hardi conversion cap

Bayonet Cap to fit Hardi nozzle holders.

For use with Lechler nozzles;
Supplied with seating gasket.
Color; Black
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Delivery weight: 15 g

Universal Caps for boom spray nozzle-Red

Universal spray nozzle cap to fit most brands of sprayer, including, Silvan, Goldacres, Croplands, BA Sprayers etc

Suitable for use with a wide the majority of nozzles used in agriculture today, supplied with gasket.

Suitable for the following Spray Tips;

  • Lechler Series ID, IDK, IDKN, IDKS, LU, OC, ST, AD, DF, E, FL,
  • TeeJet®  Flat Fan standard stips, AIXR, TP, XR, LD. etc.
  • Arag® Kematal
  • Lurmark® Flat Fan Tips

Will fit the following Sprayer Nozzle bodies which are used by most sprayer manufactures;

  • Arag®
  • TeeJet®
  • Geoline®

Note: Will not fit Hardi®


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