Tractor Mounted

Tractor Mounted

The Co-Op supplies and supports Silvan & BA Sprayers 3pl Sprayers for Orchard, VineyardRowCrop and Pasture Spraying applications.

There's such a wide range of sprayers to suit all sorts of applications, many are packaged in a design for general use others can be customised for specific applications, talk to us about what best suits your needs.

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BA VineCHIEF vineyard 600L 3PL sprayer


By choosing a BA VineCHIEF Cross Flow Sprayer you are choosing a sprayer system that has been proven for many years in Australian vineyards and throughout the world. The VineCHIEF tangential heads provide excellent turbulence within the canopy (two row units) to maximise coverage. Each head is fitted with individual nozzles to enable full canopy or bunch line spraying. Simplicity of spray head adjustment (nozzles on or off), ease of application rate setup(12 presets) with the TeeJet® 844AB Control makes this the market’s simplest sprayer to set up while achieving maximum spray coverage.


  • 650 litre Polyethylene tank
  • Galvanised Chasis
  • Bertolini Poly pump
  • Bertolini “BERTI” in Cab on/off electric valves
  • VineCHIEF tangential fan heads
  • adjustable fan width
  • Hydraulic driven fans
  • Double roll over nozzle bodies
  • individual nozzle on/off
  • Ceramic nozzles
  • Supermix agitation
  • Triple stage filtration


  • TeeJet 8444AB conputor control
  • Manual on/off & pressure control
  • 450 litre tank
  • Full hydraulic drive (no PTO)

* Price shown is for delivery to 200km from Melbourne.

For more information, literature & freighted prices to your farm contact our office


$30,660.00 *
Delivery weight: 150 kg
Prices incl. GST, plus delivery