TeeJet DG Drift Gaurd Spray tips

TeeJet DG Drift Gaurd Spray tips

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Available in Visiflow Polymer & Visiflow Stainless Steel Insert


  • Pre-orifice design produces larger droplets and reduces the small drift prone droplets, minimizing off-target spray contamination.
  • Tapered edge flat spray pattern provides uniform coverage when adjacent nozzle patterns are overlapped in broadcast spraying.
  • The ISO color-coded pre-orifice is removable for any necessary cleaning operations.
  • Available in both 80° and 110° spray angles with durable stainless steel orifice.
  • Automatic spray alignment with 114441-*-CELR Quick TeeJet cap and gasket.

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Nozzle selection is often based upon droplet size. The droplet size from a nozzle becomes very important when the efficacy of a particular plant protection chemical is dependent on coverage, or the prevention of spray leaving the target area is a priority.

The majority of the nozzles used in agriculture can be classified as producing droplets in the range of fine to ultra coarse droplets. Nozzles that produce droplets in the finer to middle portion of the range are usually recommended for post-emergence contact applications, which require excellent coverage on the intended target area. This may include herbicidesinsecticides and fungicides. Nozzles producing droplets from the middle to coarser end of the range, while offering less thorough surface coverage, provide significantly improved drift control. These nozzles are commonly used for systemic and pre-emergence surface applied herbicides. An important point to remember when choosing a spray nozzle that produces a droplet size in one of the eight categories is that one nozzle can produce different droplet size classifications at different pressures. A nozzle might produce medium droplets at low pressures, while producing fine droplets as pressure is increased.

Droplet size classes are shown in the following tables to assist in choosing an appropriate spray tip.


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