TeeJet Drift Gaurd Spray tips

TeeJet Drift Gaurd Spray tips

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TeeJet DG Drift Reduction Spray Tips in 80° & 110° 

Available in Visiflow Polymer & Visiflow Stainless Steel Insert


  • Pre-orifice design produces larger droplets and reduces the small drift prone droplets, minimizing off-target spray contamination.
  • Tapered edge flat spray pattern provides uniform coverage when adjacent nozzle patterns are overlapped in broadcast spraying.
  • The color-coded pre-orifice is removable for any necessary cleaning operations.
  • Available in both 80° and 110° spray angles with durable stainless steel orifice.
  • Automatic spray alignment with 25612-*-NYR Quick TeeJet cap and gasket.

Innovative, industry-leading products are what you expect from TeeJet. 

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