Imovilli D123 Pump 120 L/min @ 20 Bar

Imovilli D123 Pump 120 L/min @ 20 Bar

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Imovilli D123 
Three diaphragm Piston Backed oil immursed diaphragm pump external manifolds, all wetted parts are in corrosion resistant materials, plastic coated for chemical resistance aluminium pump heads. For use with remote control only.


Crops spraying, Pasture Spraying, , Boom Sprayers


Input M 1" 3/8 - 6 spline


Possible application of ancillary hydraulic pump


Speed: 550 RPM max
Pressure: 20 bar max
Capacity: 120 l/1' max


Need Suction Filters or control valves or parts to go with this pump? email us we're here to help.


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Imovilli hydraulic Drive Pump adaptor Imovilli hydraulic Drive Pump adaptor
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