Compression & Garden

Compression & Garden

The Co-op Stock Silvan Selecta Garden Sprayers and spray hoods  and sheilds for commercial and domestic spraying.

Whether your needing a presure sprayer for degreaser, brake cleaner or herbicide application. check our our spray booms to see if theres a boom that can fit your spray unit.

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Osatu Evolution 16Litre Knapsack sprayer

It is a pleasure to enjoy a well-looked after garden, to upkeep your garden maintenance is required. One of the most important garden tools and which makes work easier is the sprayer. With such a wide variety of sprayers on the market, it's not always easy to find a reliable, long life Knapsck sprayer, fortunately Osatu offeres this in the Evolution 16L Backpack/Knapsack sprayer
Light, easy-to-handle ideal for work outdoors, from Small orchards to vegetable gardens and property maintenance. They are very useful for protecting plants in all processes requiring spraying herbicides, pesticides, etc

About the Evolution 16 Knapsack

A knapsack sprayer with 16-litre capacity, fibreglass 950mm lance and chrome steel handle, translucent side level indicator, padded and adjustable straps, integrated and ambidextrous ergonomic handle. Supplied with pressure regulator, set of nozzles (Herbicide elbow plus fan, mirror and disc nozzles), two seals (one rubber and one synthetic) and a dispenser. 


Specifications Detail
Total capacity 16 Litres
Available orking capacity 16 Litres
Nozzles supplied Adjustable jet to mist, Fan, Cone & Anvil
Pressure regulation Adjustable regulator included 1.5 - 3bar, & free flow
Carry Handle Inbuilt Carry handle
Mounting Left or Right hand operation Padded adjustable Straps for Ambidextrous  Left - Right operation
Lance / wand length 950mm 
Hose Length 1.3 metres
Design Designed to ISO/DIS 19932 standards
Warranty 5 Years
Maintenance required Tool free maintenance


 Adjustable pressure regulator included

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Telescopic Garden Spray lance

Ever needed to get a little more reach into the tree or accross the garden bed without Spraying whats immediately in front? The this telescopic garden spray wand / lance may be just the answer!

The trigger assy is fitted with a trigger lock to ensure comfort over long spray periods and at the other end the nozzle is adjustable from pencil stream to fine mist fog spray


  • Telescopic from 800mm to 1150mm (overall length).
  • Trigger Lock.
  • Supplied with 10mm hose barb connection.
  • Will suit most garden sprayers.
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Delivery weight: 500 g

60 Litre Lawn Water fillable Roller

60L Lawn Water Roller

Water Rollers are a convenient gardener and landscapers tool for maintaining a lawn, laying turf, seeding and establishing a new lawn.

The 60L drum allows you to adjust the rolling weight to suit each use.

Suitable to press grass seed into the soil, it can also be used to even small bumps in already established lawns.

This water roller is a must when laying down new turf as you firstly even the soil, then press the new grass to the soil to maximise contact between the roots and ground.

  • Maintain a smooth and level lawn with total and complete ease
  • Water filled plastic garden rollers
  • Useful when landscaping laying turf, maintaining an even lawn or after mowing for a textured effect
  • 60L Polytuff Lawn roller drum, impact resistant and U.V stabilised
  • Roller drum features two strong 25mm bungs for improved filling/emptying times
  • Easy Assembly
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