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Quick release PTO Shaft cover Universal fit (low HP shafts)

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Quick, easy & safe
Fitting PTO guards is an essential but sometimes timely task. Gardloc has specifically been engineered with ease of use and safety in mind. It incorporates unique, innovative and patented A-Lock technology allowing the user to secure the PTO guard with one simple action; making PTO attachment Faster & hassle free!

Please check to ensure the bearing sizes supplied suit your driveshaft yoke grooves


  • Overall closed length: 1.0m
  • Open length: 1.6m
  • Tubes can be easily cut to length to suit your application.
  • Bearings Supplied to fit yoke grooves: 34.4mm x 1, 40.4mm x 2, 41.5mm x 2, 46.4mm x 1, 47.4mm x 1, 50.5mm x 2, 53.4mm x 1

Universal fit for small shaft size:

Triangle style Italian Shafts (BYPY Eurocardan Bare-co  etc.) series; A1, A2, A3 & A4
Lemon Profile German Shafts (Walterschield etc.) Series; W2100, AW11/W1, AW20/W2200, AW21/ W2300 ov/1
Jayben PTO Shafts up to/ including Series 4AG
Hardy Spicer PTO Shafts up to/including 1310 series
Gardlock safety