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12v Pump & Motor remote controller

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12v Pump & DC motor Speed control kit.

Allows the control of the speed of the 12v electric motor  and 12v pump equipment. designed to operate with 12v pumps and motors up to 15A maximum this unit has many applications in 12v spraying, illiminate pump on/off cycling allowing the pump deliver the exact volume required to operate the spray nozzle or boom evenly without nozzle fluctuation which can lead to failure to apply accurately.

The plug and play design of this Controller makes simple what is otherwise difficult to acheive giving in-cab remote control of not just pump on off but also effectively pressure control via pumping speed/volume control.

What's included; 

  • Control switch box with Fuse & adjustable mounting bracket
  • 12v Battery Supply power cable
  • 4m Controller to pump wiring loom with terminal block connector
  • Operation instruct booklet