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TeeJet 5500 Adjustable Spray Nozzle - Poly

by TeeJet
Original price $20.96 - Original price $22.21
Original price
$20.96 - $22.21
Current price $20.96
TeeJet Spraygun Nozzle
Adapts to many spray lances and TeeJet Gunjets
The 5500 adjustable ConeJet. The polypropylene tip has the same performance characteristics as the brass tip and provides excellent chemical resistance.
This tip’s light weight makes it well-suited for use on handheld and backpack type sprayers


  • Poly nozzle body construction.
  • Minimal wear & ultra long life
  • easy turn body rotates through a half turn to provide:
  • Wide angle finely atomized cone spray or Straight stream spray
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