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Shurflo Microswitch Pressure Switch

Original price $19.50 - Original price $19.50
Original price
$19.50 - $19.50
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This is the little switch inside the pressure switch assy that is common to many Shurflo 12v pumps.

For those of you that are mechanical and can dismantle the Pressure switch assy. this is the part that fails causing the pump to stop operating.

If you are not certain as to if this is the product that has caused your pump to stop.  A simple test by (testing without liquid recommended) momentarily bridging the red wires that run into the top of the pump where the switch is located, will indicate if this switch is the problem.  If the pump runs then the switch is your problem, if it does not run when the wires are bridged then the motor is stuffed. 

We recommend replacement of this item is best performed by trained electrical repairers.