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Annovi Reverberi replcement Diaphragm AR650671

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Genuine AR 650671 Suction Diaphragm for AR30, AR40, AR50 & AR70 along with Hypro D30, D40 & D50 Diaphragm Pumps.

Blueflex suction diaphragms offer superior performance, less-costly replacement for the Hypro 9910-650670 or AR650670 Suction Diaphragm.
Manufactured by Annovi Reverberi (AR), the Italian company that builds ALL Hypro Diaphragm Pumps & Parts.  
This diaphragm is made from Annovi Reverberi's unique Blueflex, to provide longer life than traditional black (desmopan) Diaphragms.
This part is a common replacement item for that reason it's a good idea to keep an extra one of these around as a backup for emergencies to minimise downtime.