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90° one-piece bulkhead hose tail with lock ring

Original price $4.35 - Original price $6.92
Original price
$4.35 - $6.92
Current price $4.35
Tank bulk head elbow fittings are supplied complete with locking nut ready for use.
Can be used in many situations including sprayer suction or bypass return to tank fittings.
Available in 4 sizes to suit sprayer hoses from 11mm to 29mm (7/16" to 1") use reference chart below image to find the size required then simply select the corresponding reference number to order.
Arag Bulkhead tank fitting image
order ref # A B D M h Ø
1 45mm 77mm 32mm 1/2" BSP 22mm  11-13mm 
2 49mm 84mm 32mm 1/2" BSP 22mm  15-17mm
3 69mm 107mm 40mm 3/4" BSP 23mm 20-22mm
4 69mm 107mm 50mm 1" BSP 23mm 26-29mm