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Flojet 3521-500 15.1 L/min

by FloJet
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FLOJET 3521 Series Triplex Low Pressure Series pumps (15.1 LPM open flow) are designed for a wide range of applications and are constructed from a selection of materials suitable for handling a broad range of chemicals.

The 3521-500 Triplex pump are suitable for a number of applications including running small boom sprays.  The internal bypass fitted to this model makes it a very flexible pump suitable for a wide range of applications from spot spraying to a small boom (up to 6 m). Triplex Low Pressure diaphragm pumps are selfpriming and can run dry without harm. They are intended for intermittent duty cycles but can be run continuously for short periods of time. The higher the duty cycle,the shorter the expected life of the pump. Typical pump uses are liquid transfer, spraying, cooling, circulation, filtration and dispensing.

• Compact automatic demand pump
• Sealed pressure switch and motor
• Self-priming, pump can be located above supply tank
• Can run dry for extended periods of time without damage
• Flow rates to 15.1 and operating pressure to 50 psi (3.4 bar)
• Fitted with 4 Bar (60 PSI) Pressure Switch
• Internal bypass for smooth running even at low flows
• Viton valves, Santonprene diaphragm


Flow Rate                          15.1  lpm  (open flow)
Motor                                   Permanent magnet TENV (non-ventilated)
Pump Design                    Three Chamber
Voltage                                12 Vdc
Amp Draw                            8 amp
Pressure Switch Setting    2.0-4.1 bar 30-60 psi
Max. Operating Pressure   3.4 bar 50 psi
Max. Fluid Temperature      54 °C 130 °F
Self Priming                          Up  to 2.4m vertical height
Port(s)                                    Plug in Flojet fitting
Wetted Parts                          Housing – Reinforced Polypropylene
Elastomers                            Santoprene®, Viton®
Weight                                    1.5 kg