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4x4 Jet Vine Boom

by Braglia
Original price $1,325.00 - Original price $1,325.00
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$1,325.00 - $1,325.00
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This boom is Ideal for horticultural applications such as;

Vineyard, Raspberry, Tomato, Orchard, Kiwi Fruit and many other horticulture type crops where maximum performance through application and nozzle adjustment adaptability is required.

The boom is adjustable on both a vertical and horizontal axis along with independent Nozzle angle adjustment via each nozzles swivel mounting system.

Spray nozzles are adjustable in the spray pattern also via the butterfly screw at the rear, this allows for targeted or broad spray coverage to suit you crops needs.

Spray boom width and height is adjustable via the centre frame making this the most versatile boom in the horticultural market.

Used by many manufacturers around the world.

With orange hood “TURBO” protection allows an excellent droplet formation for complete and even foliage coverage.

The spray tip can be easily cleaned and replaced without tools. Fast nozzle orientation with the adjustable connection.

Ceramic Nozzle equipped nozzle wear is minimal and sustained nozzle accuracy is ensured.

Max pressure is 50 Bar (710 psi)