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Replacement pump for Silvan Redline 100L SpotPak Sprayer

by SIlvan
Original price $235.29 - Original price $235.29
Original price
$235.29 - $235.29
Current price $235.29

Common to the current Model SP100-R2 SpotPak 12v Sprayer since October 2017


Rated Volume:  5.3 l/min Open Flow
Rated Max Pressure: 4Bar (60Psi)
Power Requirement: 12 volts
Ampaerage: 7.5Amps

Great economical option for DIY home built sprayers.

These pumps are sold as replacement of original pump by Silvan, as these are replacement units they do not have the original label on them when supplied from Silvan.
They are the genuine article though. See images for further detail.