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TeeJet TriggerJet Aluminium Spraygun

by TeeJet
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TeeJet GunJet AAB43LA-AL8 is a tough robust weed spraygun ideal for professional contractors and for spraying blackberries and Patterson’s Curse.

The internal stem extends through extension to valve seat located directly behind orifice disc for drip-free shutoff and instant operating response, the GunJet also has a convenient trigger-lock for continuous spraying.


  • Strong Light weight gun with non-drip shut off at nozzle
  • Max pressure 15bar (213 psi) capable of misting spray for greater coverage
  • Professional spraygun, that has the ability to deliver a straight stream to a cone spray pattern by easily adjusting the trigger.
  • The spray gun has a Quick trigger locking device that allows the operator to set a desired spray pattern for easier constant spraying requirements
  • Nation wide product support
  • World renowned
  • Heavy duty brass version also available