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AIXR, TeeJet Air induction Flat fan boom spray nozzle

by TeeJet
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A great 'allround' Spray nozzle used as original equipment by a variety of boom spray reputable manufacturers, the AIXR TeeJet® Spray tip is a great cost effective, Reduced drift Nozzle that produces Droplets ranging in size from M to UC with the majority of the usable range effectively in C to XC.


  • 110º wide, tapered flat spray angle with air induction technology offers better drift management.
  • Made of a two-piece UHMWPE polymer construction with VisiFlo color-coding. UHMWPE provides excellent chemical resistance, including acids, as well as exceptional wear life.
  • Compact size to prevent tip damage.
  • Depending on the chemical, produces large air-filled drops through a Venturi air aspirator.
  • Removable pre-orifice.
  • Available in seven tip capacities with a wide operating pressure range: 15-90 psi (1-6 bar). 
  • Automatic alignment when used with 25612-*-NYR Quick TeeJet® cap and gasket.

Typical Applications

  • Pre-emerge surface applied herbicides
  • Post-emerge contact & Systemic herbicides
  • Contact & Systemic Insecticides
  • Contact & Systemic Fungicides

Looking for the AIXR Spray nozzle calibration chart click here for a printable copy. Alternatively Click here for all the TeeJet Nozzle Calibration Charts

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