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Braglia Turbo 400 Spray gun

by Braglia
Original price $108.85 - Original price $118.00
Original price
$108.85 - $118.00
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Contructed from high impact chemical resistant plastic with stainless steel & brass components. Features include spring loaded adjustable spray pattern lever that varies from fine misting fog to spot spraying jet,  the airvac nozzle shroud ensures a very fine mist with excellent leaf coverage and reduction of droplet leakage when operating from 1500Kpa upwards.
These are used by many Australian manufacturers as the standard unit because of their reliability and performance, with a lever adjustable spray from fog to spot jet and a trigger lock to allow continuous spraying without your hand cramping or becoming fatigued. When used at high pressure the fog/spray produced by these makes them ideal for hot house fungicide operation or use in a small home orchard and it can be just as useful covering a large area of weeds outdoors. Designed with a maximum high pressure of 50Bar (710psi) they can cover all hand spray jobs in agriculture easily.
To minimize nozzle wear a ceramic jet is fitted which is virtually wear free.
The Orange cone cover over the spray nozzle creates a venturi effect and assists in making the spray carry further away from the operator ensuring the spray gets to its target rather than the operator.
  • Supplied as standard with 1.5 Ceramic spray jet
  • One hand operation for easy pattern adjustment + on/off trigger
  • Professional multi-purpose spraygun with Long Life Viton seal
  • Adjustable turbo atomiser
  • Overall length 400mm
  • Max. Pressure: 50bar (725psi)
Used by Rapid Spray, QuickSpray, Silvan, Goldacres & Croplands as either standard or option on their spray equipment

Made in Italy