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Lechler IDTA Air Ind. Twin Flat Spray tips

by Lechler
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Asymmetrical Twin Flat Spray Air Injector Spray tips with Ceramic insert.

Extremely low-drift, air-aspirating air injector twin flat spray nozzle for optimized deposition and reduced spray shadow at higher driving speeds.


  • High drift reduction over entire pressure range (approvals pending for IDTA 120-025/03/04/05 applied in Germany, the UK and the Netherlands)
  • Nozzle in cap with MULTIJET bayonet system 
  • Twin flat spray jet 30°/50° with asymmetrical spray angles and flow rates
  • 120° to the front in driving direction with approx. 60 % fl ow rate share
  • 90° to the rear with approx. 40 % flow rate share
  • 90°/120° gives on the target area the same spray width
  • Finer droplet spectrum to the front in driving direction for optimum wetting
  • Coarser, more drift-resistant droplet spectrum to the rear
  • Precise border application in combination with IS border nozzle
  • In comparison with standard air-injector flat spray nozzle on vertical target surfaces:
  • Overall coverage twice as high
  • Significantly higher, more uniform deposition at the front and rear
  • Optimum user protection thanks to removal/installation of the injector with protective gloves without tools (Patent)
Color: Yellow