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Sprayer 1.5 Litre, for brake/carby cleaner, degreasers & wax remover (industrial) Pump up

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Industrial sprayer especially manufactured with highly resistant materials for use with animal and vegetable oils, hydrocarbon-based solvents, lubricants and petroleum products in applications such as:
  • Brake cleaning, tar removal from vehicle bodies and tools, machinery and motor cleaning…
  • Lubricant application; cleaning of car interiors, degreasing…
  • Wood treatments,
  • waterproofing
  • Tar removers
  • Degreasing
  • de-waxing fluids etc.


  • Seals and materials resistant to oils and most hydrocarbons and solvents. 
  • Safety valve at 2.5 bar with depressurisation option. 
  • Large filling mouth. 
  • Ergonomic design. 
  • Strong translucent tank with level indicator. 
  • Protective sleeve for chamber valve.
  • Easy assembly and dismantling for maintenance, without tools. 
  • Adjustable conic nozzle.

Total capacity litres:

1,50 l. - 0,39 U.S. Gals

Working capacity:

1 l. - 0,26 U.S. Gals.


0,50 l/min. - 1 pint/min.