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Kasco K80S-T5 Spray Helmet

by Silvan
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The KASCO agricultural range of respiratory protective Safety devices are recommended for pesticide spraying in open fields and in greenhouses, nurseries, gardening and during grain handling or processing, as well as for the cleaning and disinfection of stables, chicken coops and any other work where it is necessary to effectively protect the respiratory system against dusts, organic vapours and gases. The respirators are suitable for many different jobs in agriculture and can be run either off a tractor/operating machine or off rechargeable batteries with the accessories worn on a belt or built into the helmet (model dependent).

These helmets supply fan forced and filtered air (up to 120l/m) to the user
in place of a face fitted respirator allowing easy breathing and communication.



Powered by a 6V battery ideal for full independence from a vehicle power source.
The battery pack and motor/fan pack are carried separately on a belt (supplied) to permit freedom of movement for up to 6 hours.
The battery pack is recharged from 240 Volt mains via a supplied recharging unit supplied.

  • The air system combined to a full face mask may be used for multiple industrial applications.
  • Over the years it has become a benchmark in the horticulture environment.
  • The system stands out for its ability to provide a high air flow with just one particle filter fitted to the blower unit.
  • The device is very light weight – the blower unit and battery are easily fitted round the waist.


  • Kasco Helmet
  • T5 Blower unit,
  • Breathing tube,
  • Belt,
  • 6 Hour battery,
  • Battery charger,
  • Electric cord,
  • Airflow indicator,
  • P3 filter.


The battery is light and easily replaceable because not built-into the blower unit.
It is equipped with a protection circuit and has no memory effect.


The light, compact blower unit provides an airflow able to reduce breathing strain.


All component connection points are durable and ensure worker safety.