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Osatu Evolution 16Litre Knapsack sprayer

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It is a pleasure to enjoy a well-looked after garden, to upkeep your garden maintenance is required. One of the most important garden tools and which makes work easier is the sprayer. With such a wide variety of sprayers on the market, it's not always easy to find a reliable, long life Knapsck sprayer, fortunately Osatu offeres this in the Evolution 16L Backpack/Knapsack sprayer.
Light, easy-to-handle ideal for work outdoors, from Small orchards to vegetable gardens and property maintenance. They are very useful for protecting plants in all processes requiring spraying herbicides, pesticides, etc
About the Evolution 16 Knapsack
A knapsack sprayer with 16-litre capacity, fibreglass 950mm lance and chrome steel handle, translucent side level indicator, padded and adjustable straps, integrated and ambidextrous ergonomic handle. Supplied with pressure regulator, set of nozzles (Herbicide elbow plus fan, mirror and disc nozzles), two seals (one rubber and one synthetic) and a dispenser.