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60 Litre Foam marker

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Current price $1,390.00
Comes complete with Control box for left right operation it's already fitted with plug & play connectors so matching up the wires in made simple and fast.
Easy to mount given the foam marker tank flat base. The foam marker compressor can be mounted independenlty from the tank if required. Foam drops can be regulated from via the air breather mounted to the tank lid. 
Unlike other 57 / 60 Litre foam markers where the hosing is only 6 & 8mm which becomes a performance issue on wide spray booms, our 60 litre Foam marker is specially supplied with larger diameter hosing to ensure performance in Australian conditions with extra wide spray booms .
Supplied wth all the components needed to equip your spray boom ready for action including a bonus container of foam marker concrentrate.
  • Double sided operation with electric cab control.
  • Needle valve for foam output adjustment.
  • Polyethylene tank with moulded litre calibration indicators.
  • Fully sealed, dust free compressor and electrics box with air breather.
  • 2 foam droppers.
  • Extra long; 2 x 20m of delivery hose.
  • Larger diameter than Standard, 8 & 10mm delivery hose diameter to ensure performance on wide spray booms
  • Easy assemble kit.