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Silvan BP20/15 Diaphragm pump.

by Silvan
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BP series diaphragm pumps have external plastic or plastic coated manifolds for extra resistance to chemicals.  Designed for low pressure applications such as herbicides, fertilizers and other boom applications.  These pumps are also used in a variety of industrial applications such as dust suppression and hydrostatic testing.


 Pump Size (L/min)
Max Pressure (Bar / PSI) 15 /218
Product weight (Kg) 7.3
Dimensions (H x W x L) cm 174 x 260 x 224
Diaphragms 2
HP Req'd 3.3
Max RPM 540


All Silvan diaphragm pumps are built for 540 RPM operation, are Self-priming and designed so no special tools are required for service. Tough and reliable they will run dry without risk of damage. All pumps are supplied with appropriate hose connections, mounting base plates and 1 3/8” six splined shaft. 

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