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Annovi Reverberi replacement Blueflex Diaphragm 550081

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Original price $49.00
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Long life Blueflex Piston Diaphragm.

Outside Diameter approx. 114mm

Suits Annovi Reverberi Diaphragm Pump Models;

AR 70, AR 115, AR 120, AR 125, AR 135, AR 140, AR 145, AR 160, AR 185, AR 215, AR 250, AR 280, AR 320, AR 370, AR 500, AR 560bp
AR 903, AR 1053, AR 1203, AR 1604
BHS 90, BHS 105, BHS 120

HDPS and DESMOPAN diaphragms are old design & technology standards.  That is why AR developed the Blueflex diaphragm for AR pumps, exact same dimensions as the black HDPS and clear DESMOPAN versions.  Just better quality! Replaces AR550086 diaphragms.

Annovi Reverberi has developed an innovative diaphragm material called BLUEFLEX, which marks a new era in the diaphragm pump sector. If you work in the agricultural or industrial spraying sector, this material establishes a new benchmark for diaphragm durability under the toughest working conditions. From weed killers, fungicides, pesticides, liquid fertilisers to some of the toughest to handle liquids and aggressive chemicals.