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Purelite Xstream / Agricultural Respirator

by Pureflo
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Respirator for the Agricultural Industry

Farm workers can encounter a variety of respiratory hazards when undertaking everyday tasks, which is why protective breathing equipment is so important. 

The Purelite Xstream Agricultural pack is specifically designed to reduce the risk of serious health conditions caused by farming respiratory hazards which can result in the need for long term medical treatment, permanent lung damage or even in some extreme cases death.

The Purelite Xstream is the perfect replacement for disposable masks. The lightweight full face respirator offers the wearer a superior level of respiratory protection, along with full eye and face protection from an EN 166 Approved polycarbonate face shield.

The Purelite Xstream protects against impact or contact with most aggressive chemicals or allergens and pathogens.

This unique respirator is fully self-contained, with no trailing leads or hoses and provides the user with high quality, long lasting protection. In addition the Purelite Xstream offers super low running costs with an 8 hour battery life and low cost, high efficiency replacement filters.

The Purelite Xstream also has a high stability quick release headband, for ease of cleaning and simple adjustment to find the perfect balance, irrespective of head size. With a starting airflow rate of 210 litres per minute, this dust mask respirator offers a cool, clean airflow down the face as well offering the wearer the highest levels of protection.

he Purelite Xstream dust mask even includes a low flow warning alarm at 150 litres per minute, combine that with the quick and easy battery changing process, and it’s easy to see how the Purelite respirator helps to ensure the wearer receives the appropriate levels of dust protection throughout the working day.

The PureliteXstream Agricultural Pack includes:

  • Purelite Xstream full face respirator
  • Replacement pair of filters
  • 8 hr Battery
  • X 10 clear visor overlay protectors
  • Head and Neck Face Seal
  • Protective cover


  • Certification Respiratory Protection AS/NZS 1716:2003 Class P2 and BS EN 12941:1999 TH2P Certification Eye/Face Protection AS/NZS 1337:1992 and BS EN 166:2002
  • Low noise fan motor provides initial rate airflow of 210 lpm (150 lpm minimum at end of battery life). Low battery audible alarm.
  • Lightweight 1.0kg (nominal) with easily adjusted headband to fit range of head sizes and for wear over protective clothing and hoods.
  • Polycarbonate face shield with nylon elasticated face seal-tinted and clear overlays are available for the face shield.
  • On-off switch easily operated with gloved hand.
  • High efficiency P2 filter with Assigned Protection Factor (APF) of 20.
  • Air flow indicator pre-checks battery and filter performance and condition
  • Wide range of applications including – woodworking and pottery, craft design and technology, DIY and building maintenance, food preparation and processing, fitting and application of insulation, dental laboratories, horticulture and pest control