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Annovi Reverberi replcement NBR Diaphragm 550190

Original price $28.90 - Original price $28.90
Original price $28.90
$28.90 - $28.90
Current price $28.90

Gomma Air Pressure chamber Diaphragm.

Outside Diameter approx. 110mm

Replaces AR550194, AR550191 & AR550192

Suits Annovi Reverberi Diaphragm Pump Models AR30, AR60, AR65, AR70, AR85, AR110, AR115, AR120, AR125, AR135, AR145, AR150, AR160, AR180, AR185, AR215, AR230, AR250, AR260, AR280, AR320, AR370, AR500, AR560, BHA & BHS model pumps.

Gomma diaphragms are known for their cost effective service life.

Suitable for work in the agricultural or industrial spraying sector, from weed killers, fungicides, pesticide chemicals.