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Quick Connect 12v pump suction filter

Original price $24.90 - Original price $24.90
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$24.90 - $24.90
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Suction filters increases longevity of your 12v pump aQuick Connect 12v pump suction filternd components by reducing unnecessary premature wear and blockages.

Large screen area, the screen is reinforced against collapsing as can occur, its easily serviced and will assist in ensuring better productivity and longer pump life.

For use on Flojet*, Delavan*, Silvan Smoothflo*, Seaflo*, Northstar & Stanley 12v pumps

Connects straight to the pump inlet and is fitted with a 5D 19mm (3/4") quick connect mount

Filter screen is 50 mesh, its also easily removed for service.
Suits all 5D 19mm (3/4") quick connect pumps.
The larger size filter screen means longer service intervals.
The filter housing can be rotated to 360° to allow you to best position the suction hose

* some models