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Black Max Professional spraygun

by Braglia
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The ultimate spraygun for Nurseries, Hot houses and other commercial applications where accuracy and performance of application matter.

Designed to match venturi effect with nozzle flow these Sprayguns are graduated venturi adjustment to equal the nozzle size used giving maximum spray pattern performance.

There is a selection of Ceramic ultra low wear nozzles to match your application requirements & adjust the venturi to match the nozzle. Changing jets is made simple with the Quick release 1/2 twist nozzle holder which means in feild changing in easy (no tools required)

Pressure gauge fitted to the trigger assy give precise 'at nozzle' pressure readings which eliminates pressure loss through long hoses.

Trigger lock ensures safety and minimises accidental application.

1.5mm jet supplied as standard


  • Operates at up to 50 bar (710 psi)
  • Pressure gauge on trigger
  • Trigger lock
  • Spray pattern adjustment on both sided of trigger for left right operation
  • Selection of Ceramic spray jets available
  • Quick change nozzle mount system
Italian manufacture