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Imovilli M155 Pump

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Imovilli M 155 High Pressure Diaphragm Pump

Designed for use on orchard airblast sprayers such as Tornado, Croplands or Silvan, these diaphragm pumps are capable of 50 bar pressure whilst delivering 142 L/ Min @ 550 RPM. Can also be used for pressure cleaning and high pressure fire blackout control where maximum effect low volume is needed.

142 l/1' - 50 bar - 550 RPM

Five semi-hydraulic diaphragm pump, external manifolds, all wetted parts are anodized anti-corrosion, control assembly incorporated or remote.


AirBlast Orchard Sprayer - Mistblowers


Through shaft M 1"3/8 - M 1"3/8 splined

Tech Data:

Speed: 550 RPM max
Pressure: 50 bar max
Capacity: 142 l/1' max
Weight: 43 Kg