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Imovilli D123 120 L/min Diaphragm pump

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The Imovilli D123 delivers 120 L/min while producing 20Bar pressure that's almost 300psi in old language. That's more than enough for many Farm chemical spray applications.

Make a top replacement alternative for pumps like the Silvan BP125/20 and others of similar size. The Pump has three oil backed diaphragms and external manifolds, all parts that come in contact with chemical are rubber Stainless or Plastic/coated to ensure long service lifer. Designed to work with a remote mounted pressure control only.


  • Weeding Spraying
  • Boom Spraying
  • Liquid fertilization.
  • Chemical agitation


Standard with shaft M 1 "3/8.

Tech Data:

Revolutions / 1 ': max 550 rpm
Pressure: max 20 bar
Flow rate: max 120 l / 1 '
Weight: 12.7 Kg
Dimensions: 336x330x290