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Bertolini POLY2073 75 L/min Diaphragm Pump

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$1,368.00 - $1,368.00
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Pumps with diaphragms/pistons, built to beat the more and more aggressive plant protection products, negative PH weed–killing products, liquid fertilizers able to corrode even the steel.

Specially suited for weed control and liquid fertiliser treatment. All wetted parts are constructed from polypropylene and AISI316 stainless steel (Bertolini Patent), to withstand the most aggressive chemicals, fertilisers and acids. All moving parts are completely submerged in oil ensuring long life and high reliability.

Suited for trailed and mounted boom sprayers.

Pump input shaft codes

VF: Pump complete with single input 6 hole Flange
VA: Pump complete with 1 (25.4mm) Keyed Shaft.