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TeeJet Single Wet Boom Non Drip Nozzle Bodies

by TeeJet
Original price $7.66 - Original price $10.65
Original price
$7.66 - $10.65
Current price $7.66

TeeJet boom spray single non-drip nozzle holder body QJ17560A is a very common nozzle holder that can fit many brands in Australia.

  • Features Chem-saver drip-free shutoff.
  • Requires 10 PSI (0.7 bar) at the nozzle to open check valve.
  • Option of special low and high pressure check valves available on request.
  • Maximum operating pressure of 300 PSI (20 bar).
  • Includes a mounting hole in upper clamp sub-assembly for mounting to flat surfaces.
  • Supplied with clamping screw and pipe gasket
Below is a brief I.D. Chart to assist you in selecting the correct Nozzle to Pipe diameter.
For example 1/2" pipe has a measured O.D. of 21.4mm
Please contact us if you are not confident of your pipe diameter before ordering and causing yourself frustration with receiving incorrect size nozzle holders.
Please use this conversion chart to ensure you get the correct size nozzle holder.
Pipe size reference chart