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3 Pin Auxilary socket with 2 Bolt Mounting - Female Pins

by Sparex
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Tractor auxilary power outlet socket

Common to many of todays tractor manufacturers, this specific plug is standard fitment in Ford and New Holland Tractors.

Standard in:

Ford; 4635,4835, 5635, 6635, 7635
New Holland;  L60 L65 L75 L85 L95  T4.55 T4.65 T4.75 T4020 T4020V T4030 T4030F T4030N T4030V T4040 T4040F T4040N T4040V T4050 T4050F T4050N T4050V T4060F T4060V T5.105 T5.115 T5.95 T5030 T5040 T5050 T5060 T5070 T7510 T7520 T7530 T7540 T7550 TL100 TL100A TL65 TL70 TL70A TL80 TL80A TL90 TL90A TN55 TN55D TN55S TN55V TN60A TN60DA TN60SA TN60VA TN65 TN65D TN65F TN65N TN65S TN65V TN70 TN70A TN70D TN70DA TN70F TN70NA TN70S TN70SA TN70VA TN75 TN75A TN75D TN75DA TN75F TN75FA TN75N TN75NA TN75S TN75SA TN75V TN75VA TN80F TN85A TN85DA TN85FA TN85SA TN90F TN95A TN95DA TN95F TN95FA TN95NA TN95VA