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ASJ Premium performance Spray nozzles

ASJ nozzles are suitable for many farm spraying applicationto meet highly demanding requirements.

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ASJ CFA Air Induction fan nozzle

ASJ Compact Fan Air nozzles are low drift air induction nozzles ensuring excellent performances. Producing Large Spray droplets containing air bubbles which are not driven by the wind and break onto the crop into several smaller drops, giving the benefit of improved coverage with reduced drift


  • 110° spray angle.
  • Wide usable pressure range from 1.5 to 8 Bar (22 - 116 psi)
  • Excellent performance if matched with automatic control units.
  • Drift reduction in case of windy weather conditions.
  • Big drops containing a high amount of air ensuring larger coverage of leaf surfaces.
  • Can an directly replace other Flat Fan nozzles of many brands
  • Fit Standard nozzle caps on most sprayers (except Hardi - special adaptor cap required)
  • Color-coded in compliance with ISO10625 according to rate.


Suitable for all fungicides, pesticides and herbicides.

fungicidesbar-1-5-2-5-5-8 herbicides insecticides


JKI irstea ZNT




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ASJ Fan Jet Spray Tips - 12 pack

Color coded to ISO Standards, these premium performance spray tips ensure coverage in pasture, turf and other crops.

When fitted onto the boomspray correctly and at the right distance from the area to be sprayed, they ensure smooth coverage.
Made of molded Acetal resin, a polymer ensuring high chemical stability and an exceptionally long useful life.

Suitable for use on Goldacres, Silvan, Croplands, Rapidspray, Uniboom and other brands of spray equipment.

  • Manufactured from Acetal exceptionally long wear life
  • ISO Color Coded
  • Wide usable pressure range
  • Fine Spray droplets at higher pressure
  • Coarse Spray droplets at lower pressure
  • 1.5 - 7 Bar working range
SF_FAN_Jet_Dimension bar-1-5-2-3-7 boom
SF_Fan_TIp_Spray_Angle iso acetal-resin
herbicides fungicides insecticides


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Anvil Deflector Spray tips

Anvil nozzles are commonly used in knapsack applications and some ATV spray booms Liker the Silvan Selecta RPI-10 where the spray can be drected away from the operator.

  • They spray big drops offering benefits when working at the rated pressure of 1 bar as less prone to drift.
  • The smaller sizes are especially suitable for spraying low volumes of herbicides, which also ensures a remarkable cost reduction.
  • Made of molded Acetal resin, a polymer ensuring high chemical stability and an exceptionally long useful life.
  • Suitable for knapsack pump.
  • Used in Small 12 Volt spray booms.
  • can be used for liquid fertiliser applications.
DEF_dimension DEF_herbicides def_bar-1-2-4-6 DEF_angle
DEF_swarth DEF_Uses DEF_porduct DEF_ISO




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ASJ Ceramic Jet Insert Boomless Nozzles

Spray widths/nozzle up to 4.4 metres

Wide flat fan spray nozzles designed for boomless systems, where the use of a boom is not recommended due to the presence of obstacles, can be used as a boom-end nozzle to extend spraying range, large droplets have lower drift properties and can increase spraying effectiveness, Delrin body and ceramic insert for maximum durability.


Excellent for use on all crop types, ideal for golf course spraying, with boomless sprayers and for ATV systems on quad bikes


Dual_nozzles spray_image
dimensions Droplet_size



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