ASJ - ARAG Nozzles

ASJ - ARAG Nozzles

ASJ Premium performance Spray nozzles

ASJ nozzles are suitable for many farm spraying applicationto meet highly demanding requirements.

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ASJ CFA Air Induction fan nozzle

ASJ Compact Fan Air (CFA) induction nozzle

Compact Fan Air nozzles are low drift air induction nozzles ensuring excellentperformances. They spray big drops containing air bubbles which are not driven by the wind and break onto the crop into several smaller drops, giving the benefit of improved coverage with reduced drift.
Those bigger drops do not bounce onto treated crop surface which otherwise could undo the benefits of spraying. Venturi insert can be removed for easier cleaning operations.


  • 110° spray angle.
  • Wide usable pressure range from 1.5 to 8 Bar (22 - 116 psi)
  • Excellent performance if matched with automatic control units.
  • Drift reduction in case of windy weather conditions.
  • Big drops containing a high amount of air ensuring larger coverage of leaf surfaces.
  • Can an directly replace other Flat Fan nozzles of many brands
  • Fit Standard nozzle caps on most sprayers (except Hardi - special adaptor cap required)
  • Color-coded in compliance with ISO10625 according to rate.


Suitable for all fungicides, pesticides and herbicides.

fungicidesbar-1-5-2-5-5-8 herbicides insecticides


JKI irstea ZNT




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