Chemical Transfer

Available from The Co-Op, Shurflo world leaders in the manufacture of 12v pumps Shurflo Agrunner 12v chemical batch transfer system.  ARAG Niagara chemical mixer system designed to utilise pump pressure to mix chemicals and rinse drums, also stocked Pourmaxx Chemical measuring jugs 

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ShurFlo Ag Runner

Shurflo Ag Runner 

Shurflo Ag Runner system provides the answer, allowing the farmer or workers to automatically pump and measure chemical from the container directly into the sprayer tank.
At the heart of the Shurflo Ag Runner chemical transfer system is a 12-volt Shurflo SF-1105- PTS pump with an FM-1100i in-line flow meter. 
The system delivers up to 40-litres a minute open flow at a maximum pressure of 15psi through both of its 1 inch diameter, 3.6 metre long suction and delivery hoses. 
The power cable to the pump motor and meter is 6 metres long to easily attach to the power source, and comes with alligator clips. 
The whole system is extremely versatile, especially for those who use multiple containers. 
The Shurflo Ag Runner is portable and mounted on an easy-to-carry, sturdy welded frame.  
SHURflo Ag Runner Chemical Transfer Pump, 12V, 40 l.p.m., 15 p.s.i., 13.9AMPs, 1" Barbs inlet and outlet, Viton valves and diaphragm.


  • Highly-efficient design delivers increased flow with viscous microencapsulated or suspended chemicals
  • High flow rate while pumping viscous chemicals, in combination with free-flowing return loop, provides substantially increased turnover rate on recirculation models
  • ShurFlo proprietary designed co-molded diaphragm molecularly bonds the pump piston to the diaphragm in the molding process. The result is an inherently leakproof diaphragm capable of years of trouble-free service
  • The highly efficient design utilises a ShurFlo-built 3” diameter permanent magnet motor— more performance and less weight, without more cost
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Farm Chemical mixing & transfer system - Arag Niagara


NIAGARA is a Chemical mixer for crop sprayers and has been designed to gain the maximum level of versatility and adaptability on all machine types, regardless of the type of pump used and of its position on the farming machine. Every part has been conceived for this use in order to have a reliable and performing accessory which ensures a perfect mixing of the chemical compounds, a thorough cleaning of all residues and a high transfer speed of the mixed product.
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Pourmaxx Measure Jugs, raised lettering, Aust Made.

PourMaxx Jugs

The worlds best measuring jug!

Great pouring control, strong handle, raised measuring graduations, non-spilling and manufactured from chemical resistant polypropylene.

Made in Australia.

Patented Design Means Excellent Control

Precise dual purpose non-drip spout is designed to allow controlled pouring of thin or thick liquids from a dribble to bulk filling.

High Chemical Resistance

Made from food grade polypropylene, PourMaxx Jugs are resistant to most agricultural, industrial and commercial chemicals in use today.

Easy and Safe to hold

PourMaxx Jugs have a patented ergonomic hanlde which is comfortable and gives real pouring control. The handles open design allows a gloved hand to carry a full jug with confidence and safety.

Raise Measuring Graduations

PourMaxx Jug have raised graduations which are overprinted in black foil. this means you can clearly see the increment, even if the markings are removed through wear. Graduations are available in Mls and ML/US Fluid oz dual scale.


There is plenty of freeboard between the full measure and the top of a PourMaxx Jug. This ensures the jug can be carried when full without risk of spilling.

Strong, robust design.

The wall thickness of PourMaxx Jugs is calculated to ensure the strength of each jug far exceeds the demand placed on the jug. No broken handles or floppiness which can be a common problem with cheap imitations.

UV Stabilised

PourMaxx Jugs are UV Stabilised for longer lasting life in the harsh Australian climate.This helps prevent broken handles, splitting etc. This stops the waste of chemicals and provides confidence and safety for the user.

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on/off valve for Rotary Head Rinsing nozzle

Spring pressure down ON valve for Rinsing nozzle, supplied with drum catch ring.


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Rotary Head Tank Rise Nozzle

Bearing mounted Rotary Head Rinsing nozzle

Ideal for rinsing chemical drums, barrels, vats etc.


  • Cleans empty containers (bottles-tanks) before disposal
  • Reduces product wastage
  • With net filter to avoid accidental blockage due to dirty
  • Fluid-driven rotating cap
  • Pressure relief  (it opens only when opening vessel)
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Weather proof Document / Tool Holder

Document Holder/Tool Holder

An Incredibly versatile tube with multiple mounting options and a screwdown top which allows riders to carry an assortment of items (Small fuel bottles, tools etc.) safely and in a location of choice anywhere on a Motor Bike.
These handy little items are a brilliant way to carry tools or any other essential items be it tools or documents like opreation manuals.
They are made of a tough impact resistant plastic and have preformed mounting lugs that offer an endless array of fitment options. Get some tubes, find a spot, fasten it on!
Internal Diameter - 8cm

Internal Depth - 29cm (base to top of cap when closed)

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Tank Rinse nozzle with stop valve

Rotary Head Tank Rinse nozzle with stop valve

Used on many Sprayers as original equipment products for drum rinsing on sprayers and equally at home for use in barrel washing systems.

Fluid-driven rotating cap
360° rinsing of tank interior
Cleans empty containers (bottles-tanks) before disposal or re-use (application dependent)
Reduces product wastage
Pressure relief valve (it opens only when opening vessel)
1" through tank/hopper mounting with related jam nuts
1/2" bsp felmale thread mount

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Poly Enviro Drum Coupler

Designed for use with popular 3 pin drum valves commonly used on Agricultural Chemical Spray containers.

These Dry Break Couplers are easy to use improving on chemical safety for the user by reducing Exposure to chemical.


Durable Poly Construction
Viton Seals
Suitable for use with Shurflo Ag Runner Transfer systems
1" BSP outlet thread
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