Lechler Spray Nozzles

Lechler Spray Nozzles

Plant cultivationLand Crop care and container cleaning – Lechler offers suitable and approved nozzles for almost every application in agricultural engineering.

The Lechler target is, 'Achieving the best results with minimal effort in the shortest possible time'.

When it comes to precision nozzles and nozzle systems, everything speaks for Lechler. With such a broad and considerable understanding of the industry and with over 140 years of development experience, Lechler understands spray technology like no one else. And with first-class quality and a close customer relationship, Lechler also implements them.

Continuous improvement corresponds with the Lechler Spraying technology philosophy.

Right from the early days Lechler have been developing Sprayer products and markets - thinking in the long term. As a family-owned company, Lechler is convinced that if products, customer relationships and employee loyalty continue in the long run, everyone benefits.

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Lechler ID3 120º Air Inj. Fan Spray Tip

Air-injector nozzles ID3

Extremely low-drift, air-injector flat spray nozzle for professional use.


  • Up to 90 % drift reduction - ID-120-025 to 05
  • Long injector design ensures high drift stability over a wide pressure range
  • Timely application even under adverse weather conditions
  • Increased workrate due to flexible use over a wide pressure range
    - Adaptation by changing the driving speed and l/ha rate without nozzle changes
  • Very good deposition structure and crop penetration
  • Available in Polymer or Ceramic

For application rates refer to final picture

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Lechler IDK Compact Air Induction Spray tips

Air-injector compact nozzles IDK

Very low-drift, compact air-injector flat spray nozzle with wide droplet spectrum (from extreme coarse to fine).


  • Up to 90 % drift reduction (nozzle & chemical dependent)
  • Very low drift and loss-reducing in the pressure range up to 3.0 bar (depending on size)
  • Inexpensive alternative to conventional standard nozzles
  • Very good deposition structure and crop penetration



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Lechler IDTA Air Ind. Twin Flat Spray tips

Asymmetrical Twin Flat Spray Air Injector Spray tips

Extremely low-drift, air-aspirating air injector twin flat spray nozzle for optimized deposition and reduced spray shadow at higher driving speeds.


  • High drift reduction over entire pressure range (approvals pending for IDTA 120-025/03/04/05 applied in Germany, the UK and the Netherlands)
  • Nozzle in cap with MULTIJET bayonet system 
  • Twin flat spray jet 30°/50° with asymmetrical spray angles and flow rates
- 120° to the front in driving direction with approx. 60 % fl ow rate share
- 90° to the rear with approx. 40 % flow rate share
- 90°/120° gives on the target area the same spray width
- Finer droplet spectrum to the front in driving direction for optimum wetting
- Coarser, more drift-resistant droplet spectrum to the rear
- Precise border application in combination with IS border nozzle
  • In comparison with standard air-injector fl at spray nozzle on vertical target surfaces:
- Overall coverage twice as high
- Significantly higher, more uniform deposition at the front and rear
  • Optimum user protection thanks to removal/installation of the injector with protective gloves without tools (Patent)
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Off Centre Air Injection Fan Boom Spray tip - Low Drift

Off Centre Air-injector compact nozzles IDKS

Very low-drift, compact air-injector off centre nozzle for border application and banding.

These nozzles can replace the original Brass type with the latest technology in drift reduced spraying.

Protect you Crop whilst with these under vine nozzles & reduce spray drift along with caring for you and the environment.

Simply select the size from the drop down box then enter the quantity you require.




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Lechler Flat Fan Spray nozzle tips - ST Series

Lechler 80º & 110º ST flat Fan Spray nozzle tips

  • ISO Color Coding in accordance with ISO standard 10625
  • Available in Polymer or Ceramic tip
  • Fits standard flat fan nozzle caps used in most boom sprayers (Hardi requires special conversion cap -Click here for more details
  • 110 Degree spray angle (80 degree also avail)
  • Rugged long life polymer nozzle material
  • 2 - 5 bar pressure range
  • Great for Plant protection and growth regulators
  • also suit many hand guns and back packs

Don't forget to download the product PDF for flowrate data.



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